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STRAYM provides a stable system, a enhanced security certification and guarantee smooth transactions in a short time.
Our customers can rest assured that they are in good hands. We have created an environment in which you can handle the fractional ownership of art.
This page is divided into several sections STRAYM's security.

SSL encrypted communication

SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Socket Layer, which is a protocol that encrypts data. You can verify that a website uses encrypted communication by the following methods.

Normally, communication between a web server and a browser is performed using the HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) protocol, but HTTP does not have functions to encrypt messages to prevent "eavesdropping" or to authenticate the web server to prevent "spoofing". To prevent such problems, we use SSL for encrypted communication.


Password Strength Check

STRAYM recommends that you set a strong password to protect your account from unauthorized access by malicious third parties. To do this, please keep the following in mind

How we store your password

Your password is hashed and stored. It is never stored in plain text. STRAYM uses a hash function called bcrypt (Blowfish cipher) for authentication.


STRAYM performs multiple identity checks to ensure that our customers can use our services safely. This is to ensure that malicious third parties are not able to impersonate you.

Identification documents (personal)

Documents that can be used for identification documents

Identification documents (corporate))

The following documents are required to be submitted for use as a corporation.
All of the following

Storage of artwork

Artworks exhibited at STRAYM are stored and exhibited in warehouses, facilities, or museums that have been approved as safe and optimal storage environments, and are managed under a strict storage system to protect the value of the artworks. When the location of the exhibition is decided, it will be announced on the details page of each artwork.